Create a variety of cool, refreshing treats for the whole family! This unit features stainless steel cutting blades that work quickly to create perfect snow-like ice, along with a 360° clear viewing chamber to watch the shaved ice pile up. The included ice mold can be used to create shaveable discs or it can double as a serving bowl for already shaved ice. Unit also works with standard ice cubes to shave a multitude of frozen treats. The drip tray catches any melted ice left behind.


360 Degree Clear-View Chamber

See the action happen from any angle! Place a snow cone or cup under the shaver, then watch as the stainless steel cutting blades work to quickly shave the ice into perfect snow-like ice.

Works With Ice Mold Or Regular Ice Cubes

Use the included ice mold to freeze water into a shaveable disc, or use regular ice cubes from your freezer. The ice mold can also double as a snow cone bowl!

Pair With Your Favorite Syrup!

Shaved ice absorbs the flavor of any juice, drink, beverage or syrup you pair with it, creating a delightfully smooth, cool treat.

Weight 3.3 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.75 × 13.75 in
Model Number


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