Prepare to be the envy of any Coke collector or ice cream connoisseur! This limited edition unit, styled after the classic Coke design provides a homemade ice cream experience with modern convenience. Simply place the aluminum canister filled with ingredients in the center of the bucket, layer the plastic easy-clean liner with ice and salt, and let the electric motor do the churning for you. In about 30 minutes, delicious ice cream is ready to serve and enjoy!

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Classic Coke Bottle Handle

Styled after the Classic Coca-Cola Bottle, this handle makes carrying as easy as opening a Coke.


Powerful Motor

The powerful electric motor does all the churning. In about 30 minutes you’ll have delicious ice cream.


Easy Clean Liner

The Easy-Clean Liner makes cleanup quick and simple.


Classic Coke Metal Wrap

Vintage Coca-Cola ice cream parlor graphics wrap the bucket for an eye-catching look.


Weight 6.55 lbs
Dimensions 13.00 × 12.00 × 15.50 in
Model Number


Click here to download a PDF version of the instruction manual for this device.

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