Family time has never been sweeter! Enjoy the sweet or salty combinations of crisp apples, warm caramel or chocolate, and a variety of toppings. With a 16-ounce melting pot to melt chocolate or caramel, along with 4 decorating trays, the flavor possibilities are endless. The lazy Susan tray design allows for easy decorating and sharing from across the table, while the trays and melting pot remove for easy cleaning when the decorating is done. Includes 25 apple sticks.

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Heated Base

Removable 16-oz. melting pot keeps caramel or chocolate at the perfect dipping temperature. Includes lid to help keep your dip warm or keep for later.

Topping Trays

Includes 6 removable topping trays to hold your favorite sweet or salty toppings. Try crushed peanuts, sprinkles, chocolate chips, marshmallows and more.

Apple Decorating Trays

Place your apple in any of the 4 removable apple decorating trays, then spin the lazy Susan carousel to easily reach and add your favorite toppings. Also comes with 25 apple sticks.

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