This head turner is a 4-tier fountain with stainless steel base that will impress guests with elegance and style at any special event. This chocolate fountain creates a cascade of sweetness that will add mouth-watering fun to any occasion. Simply pour the recommended amount of melted white or dark chocolate into the base and switch on the motor.  Watch as the chocolate is carried to the top of the tower where it flows down each tier in a mesmerizing display.  Provide guests with fresh strawberries, marshmallows, pretzels, cookies, and other goodies for dipping.  Cheese and barbeque sauces may also be used. Easily disassembles for quick cleanup. The fountain is a beautiful addition to any dining table or casual gatherings with friends and family.


CFF986_NW_backPanel (2)
CFF986_NW_Pour (3)
CFF986_NW_Strawberry (3)

Stainless Steel Base

Elegant stainless steel base and bowl add the perfect touch of class and elegance to any event.

Auger Style Fountain

Auger style fountain with 4 easy-to-assemble, heat resistant, cascading tiers. The heated base keeps the chocolate at the perfect temperature.

The Options are Endless

The fountain creates a cascade of sweetness that will add mouthwatering fun to any gathering. Use a variety of chocolates, liqueurs, cheeses, and BBQ sauces to serve friends and family delicious snacks, appetizers and desserts.

Weight 4.35 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 × 17.5 in
Model Number


Click here to download a PDF version of the instruction manual for this device.

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