Resembling vendor carts of the early 1900s its time to bring out the kid in everyone. This 50-inch tall beauty features a large bowl with cover guard and cone shelf holder. With the easy access storage compartment all supplies are ready to go and includes 6-reusable cotton candy cones. Best of all, this versatile unit works with hard candy, sugar-free hard candy or flossing sugar, so the flavor combinations are endless.



Large Clear Dome Cover

Flip open the large clear dome cover to easily make cotton candy. When you’re done, close the lid for tidy storage.


Unique Extractor Head

Add your favorite hard candies or sugar-free hard candies to the extractor head to make fluffy and delicious cotton candy. Of course, you can also use traditional flossing sugar to make your sweet treats. With so many options, the flavor combinations are endless.


Handy Side Shelf

Keep your hard candies and flossing sugar within easy reach on the handy side shelf.


Cone Holder Shelf

Make cone after cone of cotton candy, and keep your cone shelf full for family and guests to easily grab for a sweet treat.

Weight 42.8 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 19 × 51 in
Model Number


Click here to download a PDF version of the instruction manual for this device.

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