Makes healthy, oil-free popcorn anytime! It features a newly improved, longer popcorn chute that guides more popcorn into your bowl. The unique popping chamber design creates a swirling airflow that results in more popped kernels. Use the pre-measured cap to make up to 8-cups of popcorn per batch. Cord wrap makes for tidy storage.

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Longer Chute

Longer chute guides more popped kernels into your bowl.


ON/OFF Medallion

Get poppin’ with a simple touch of the distinctive push-button ON/OFF medallion.


Treat Yourself

Settle in and enjoy a fresh, hot and healthy batch of oil-free popcorn!


Popping Chamber Vortex

Uniquely designed popping chamber creates a swirling vortex of airflow that results in more popped kernels.

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