Keep the retro look and add the innovation with this popcorn maker and bowl in one! This unique design with built-in stirring rod moves the popcorn through the oil preventing the popcorn from burning, while the clear dome doubles as a serving bowl. Simply add oil, salt, and popcorn kernels and in about five minutes you will have a perfect batch of delicious popcorn. Also, works great with Nostalgia Pre-Measured Pouches!

product image sp300retrored stir popper
product image sp300retrored stir popper
product image sp660ss stir popper arm

Perfect For The Family

This large popcorn maker is perfect for movie night! Add butter to the vented steam slots for hot, fresh and butter popcorn. Pops up to 24 cups per batch.


Both fun and easy to use, this unit is both a popcorn maker and serving bowl in one! Top off your delicious batch of popcorn with your favorite seasonings, like powdered cheddar, ranch, cinnamon and more.

Motorized Stirring Rod

Add oil, salt and kernels, then allow the motorized stirring rod to evenly spread and stir the kernels to pop up to 25% more popcorn than most popcorn makers.

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